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Is Love Gone Once You Give It?

Is Love Gone Once You Give It?

In today’s blog you get a video….

We dive deep into a profound question: “Is love gone once you give it, or can it come back?” Join us on the Ordered Chaos Club as we explore this topic through personal reflections and biblical insights. We’ll discuss how, as Christians, we have access to an infinite source of love through Christ.

Key Points Covered:

– The impact of creating and feeling unappreciated

– Understanding God’s infinite love and how it replenishes us

– Practical ways to stay rooted in Christ to continuously receive and give love

– Insights from Isaiah 58 on pouring ourselves out for others

“Are You Creating Authentic Art or Just Feeding the Machine?”

“Are You Creating Authentic Art or Just Feeding the Machine?”

I just finished watching American Fiction.

What a great film.

Watching that, while working with AI to turn a thoughtful blog post into a YouTube-esque catchy and quickly edited video, all on top of the amazing blog post that Seth Godin wrote on the TL;DR dilemma, made me reflect deeply.

The way Seth ended that post was a challenge to creators, and I would say that includes writers, to not get lost in the culture-satisfying machine that takes things that matter and turns them into just a bite. The culture draws and encourages people toward taking their stakes, the life that they fought hard through, and grinding it up to make little burger bites to feed the masses—to make little meatballs that would deface some wonderfully handcrafted pasta.

I’m no different. As a matter of fact, I may even be worse in the midst of this journey towards building this media company. Telling myself that I want to spend more and more time doing what I love—creating authentic art and telling stories—I spend more time finding shortcuts to produce. If my journey becomes a collection of shortcuts, the product is going to be TV dinners and microwave meals instead of aged and cured beef served with joy and a smile.

authentic art 2So, the question of life, the question of culture, the question of what to do with the work of your hands doesn’t come down to what your career title is. It doesn’t even come down to what you feel called to produce. But it does come down to who you want to be and who you are becoming.

It’s days like these, films like these, weeks like I’ve had, where I believe God is speaking to me—and now to you, any Christ-centered creatives out there—to not just take care with the soul of what we create, and to not only prevent our creations to be ground up and processed until there’s nothing left that resembles humanity. As vitally important as those are, they are not even the most important thing.

But the creative is one who pours themselves out into what they create, and as such, it’s dreadfully important that we care for our soul and be careful with whom we are becoming.

I need to remember this moment because more than any dream, any organization that I want to create, more than any future that I’m trying to build, my mind must stay focused on who I am becoming right now.

I don’t want my life to be another American Fiction.

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Here We Go

Well, here we are.

Day one of this daily blogging journey. You can anticipate a mix of insightful, humorous, and random posts here. Once I launch the podcast, you will experience more of the same but in longer format.

Some days when I create a youtube short here and there, I’ll try and include those but your best bet if you want most mostly video is to follow me on my new youtube channel:

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