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Developing Wealth as a Creative Christian?

Developing Wealth as a Creative Christian?

For years, I’ve wrestled with ideas around wealth. Growing up in the church and around poverty, I learned that wealthy people were often portrayed as the corrupt villains – the enemies of Jesus. Even now, if I’m honest, there’s still a part of me that believes wealth is inherently bad. Every time I’ve seen Christians talk about here’s how to get wealthy….here’s how to get rich… it has always just made me cringe.

But then I’m reminded of the Parable of the Talents in the Bible. While Jesus preaches on the difficulty for the rich to enter heaven, he also shares a story that challenges my perspective. A master entrusts his servants with money (talents/minas) while away. Upon return, he praises the servants who invested and multiplied the funds, but calls the servant who merely protected the original sum “wicked” for not being generative.


Jesus didn’t just say, ‘I wish you had done more, better luck next time.’ He said, ‘Wicked servant.’

The Link Between Generous and Generative

Lately, I’ve been struck by how the words “generous” and “generative” share the same origin. With my heart for the vulnerable, I’m often confronted with needs beyond my ability to help through simple generosity alone. Constantly asking others for money seems to fall on deaf ears.

But what if, just as I desire to be more generous, I also intentionally pursued being more generative? What if I seriously invested the “talents” I’ve been given, like the faithful servants, to generate increased wealth? Not from greed, but to multiply my ability to bless and care for others in need.

As I type this, it may sound like a delusional justification. But could it be the Enemy whispering lies, knowing that if someone with a heart for God’s people like me became a creator of wealth, many could be seriously blessed?

The Creative’s Call to Generative Wealth

For years, I’ve ended videos with “be blessed and be a blessing.” But I never really considered the “be blessed” part requiring action – actively working to increase my own blessing so I could be an exponentially greater blessing.

As a creative, I’m realizing this means I need to create. It’s in exercising my gift of creativity that I’ll find the answer to taking what I’ve been given and becoming generative with it. Developing creativity is how the chaos can be transformed into something beautiful that blesses me and, by extension, countless others.

It’s time to get to work on unlocking generativity as a creative Christian. To invest the talents we’ve received in a way that multiplies provisions for powerful gospel impact.  An impact rooted in both generosity and generativity.


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