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Why Start a Podcast? Uncovering Your Driving Force

Why Start a Podcast? Uncovering Your Driving Force

I love podcasts – listening, watching, and creating them. It’s no surprise if you recognize my enthusiasm for communication in general. However, I understand that not everyone shares the same excitement. Nevertheless, as Christ-centered creatives, we all share a common need: finding effective ways to communicate the message the Lord has called us to share with the world. Whether through visual arts, music, or verbal expression via video or audio, podcasting can be a powerful tool.

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll explore some important considerations when creating a successful podcast. Just this morning, I had an great conversation with a brother in christ who felt a strong stirring to communicate a specific message through podcasting. His clarity of purpose left me inspired as he conceived his podcast idea.

Let’s begin with the most fundamental step: Start with your “why.”

Simon Sinek, a renowned author, popularized this concept of identifying your driving force.

When challenges arise, confusion sets in, or motivation wanes, revisiting your “why” will help you regain focus, steady your footing, and propel you forward.

Identifying your “why” is truly the cornerstone of your podcast. Why do you want to start this podcast in the first place? Why not choose a different format, create visual art, or start a blog? What’s the purpose of your podcast? What core message or theme are you trying to convey? What is the driving force behind your desire to share this message? Are you aiming for faith-based discussions, interviews with Christian creatives (like my upcoming Ordered Chaos Club podcast), sharing sermons, delving into Bible studies, or simply having heartfelt conversations with friends?  Is it to inspire, uplift others, or communicate something specific? Is it to promote your business? To disseminate information on a topic?

 Whatever your “why” is, it will help you uncover the core message or theme you’re truly about. This clarity of purpose will sustain you. Clearly defining your purpose will help you stay focused and consistent with your content. Trust me, as you progress in your podcast journey, you’ll face temptations to quit. Around episodes seven or eight, you might start questioning, “Is this working? It’s not as fun as I thought. Why am I doing this?” That’s when you’ll need to revisit your “why.” If it’s truly important to you and you persevere, your “why” will resonate with your target audience, too. When your audience understands your “why,” they’ll keep returning for that very thing that resonates with them. (And we’ll discuss your audience in the tomorrow’s post.)

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Will You Rise Again After Creative Setbacks?

Will You Rise Again After Creative Setbacks?

I started filming a documentary in January of 2023.
It’s still not done.
With this being the first feature length documentary I’ve taken on, I shouldn’t have been surprised that it would be wrought with so many challenges.

From the very first day of filming where I made some significant mistakes with starting and stopping my B CAMERA recording as I moved around the room shooting extra angles for the first interview.
That meant each and every one of those video files would need to be individually synced with the interview’s main video file. Never doing that again.

Then I experienced issues with making the mistake of using rechargeable batteries in the audio recorder. Never doing that again.

Next it was the after painstaking months of going through transcripts and piecing together the paper edit of the film. I discovered that all of my project files were lost. Frankly none of the raw footage was lost so I could always start over. But that means I would be starting over.

I say all this to say that no matter what you are undertaking when you’re new at it. When you don’t yet have the depth of knowledge or experience you should definitely expect challenges to be part of your journey.
Depending on the skill needed for the undertaking the learning curve can be quite steep.
Thankfully I’ve been around the block a bit with filming in general and thus I’ve been able to do what all of us must in scenarios like this. Bounce back.

Confucius says, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

I’m not after my own glory but the glory of the Lord. I even believe that in the reset of this project the Lord did a reset on that truth for me as well. I stopped holding it so closely and tightly in my hands and instead am more ready and willing to simply give the film over to the Lord, entrusting God to dust me off and put me back in the fight.
And yet I still have a big role to play in this because God’s given me free will and the ability to choose.
In Galatians 6:9 the very first Bible verse I fell in love with after getting saved Paul says this

“Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

What has God called you to create and what area has the Lord called you to put your hands to the plow and put in work?
Now if you haven’t already experienced falling, failures or bumps along the road they’re coming. You get to decide now as well as then what you’re going to do. Will you be one that pushes through deciding that you will not give up . deciding that they will not be weary in doing the good that God has called them to.

Will you be one that chooses to rise again and again or will you be one who immaturely receives the challenges of the journey as signs that God is not with them and that the anointing has left the work?
Trust me in this I’m not saying that God is in every work that you’re doing but I am saying this you don’t need the Holy Spirit to do the easy stuff.
Press forward as a Christian creative and create something that brings him glory.

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Are You Putting Your God-Given Creative Ideas Into Action?

Are You Putting Your God-Given Creative Ideas Into Action?

Yesterday, on a walk around the block after a long day, I was mentally preparing for another creative session on my documentary passion project. I began to reminisce about my early days volunteering in children’s ministry.

Back then, I would often miss the Sunday sermon because I was serving during that time. My only way to catch the message was through the church’s podcast. However, the podcast upload was frequently delayed, leaving me behind and disconnected from the week’s teaching.

Frustrated, I approached the pastor one day and asked, “What’s the deal with the podcast? I serve in the kids’ ministry, and it’s often not uploaded on time. I’m missing out.” His response was brilliant and has stuck with me ever since.

With a thoughtful nod, he replied, “Huh, well, I mean, would you want to help with that? Is that something you think you could help make happen?”

In that moment, the pastor didn’t make excuses or promises. Instead, he recognized the creative mindset God had blessed me with and empowered me to be part of the solution. Honestly, it probably had more to do with his wisdom in understanding that a complaint is simply someone recognizing a problem, which puts them at the front of the line to be a part of a solution.

You see, far too often, we voice our ideas and concerns to authority figures, hoping they’ll implement the changes we desire. But the truth is, when God burdens your heart with an idea or a creative vision, He’s likely also commanding your hands to bring it to life.

As Christian creatives, we’re called not just to conceive ideas but to nurture them, shape them, and ultimately birth them into reality through hard work and perseverance. Our creative minds are gifts from God, meant to be exercised and put into action for His glory.

So, if you find yourself frustrated by a lack of creative opportunities or missing elements in your church, community, or sphere of influence, don’t just voice your concerns – roll up your sleeves and get to work. Volunteer your time and talents, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and take the initiative to turn your God-given ideas into tangible solutions.

Remember, when God plants a creative seed in your heart, He’s not often expecting someone else to water and cultivate it until it’s a tree of life offering shade to the world. He’s often calling you, His creative child, to nurture that seed with your own hands, watch it grow, and bear fruit that will bless and inspire others.

As I continue editing my documentary, a project born from a burden on my heart, I’m reminded of the power we possess as Christian creatives. We’re not just dreamers; we’re doers, empowered by the Creator Himself to shape the world around us through our unique gifts and visions.

So, what God-given idea is stirring in your soul? Don’t wait for someone else to bring it to life. Embrace the reality that if God put the burden on your heart, he likely has placed the command on your hands. So get to work, and watch as your obedience and creativity collide to birth something beautiful for the Kingdom.

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