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Goal Setting or Go Getting?

Goal Setting or Go Getting?

Goal Setting vs. Go-Getting: Moving from Vision to Action

There are seasons in life where I find myself immersed in planning, vision boarding, and goal setting. However, often that is where the experience ends. Goals are set, then reset, and then reset again, without enough focused energy being spent on actually achieving them. We all know the saying, “If you don’t aim, you are more than likely to miss your target.” But the truth is, if you never pull the trigger, you won’t hit the target either.

This is where fear can sneak in. If I never pull the trigger, then while I never hit the target, I also don’t miss. This fear of failure can be paralyzing. However, we must determine today to be individuals who not only set goals but also go after them. We must aim and remember to pull the trigger. Shots taken and missed are better than the countless shots never taken at all.

Primary Goals Until Labor Day

🗓 By July 1

  • Identify Beta Testers and Content Creators: Find individuals for the beta testing phase and potential content creators for the soon-to-be-launched Christ-centered creative community, the Ordered Chaos Club.

🗓 By August 1

  • Release the “No Turning Back” Documentary: Finalize and release the long-awaited documentary that has been in the works.

🗓 By Labor Day

  • Launch Phase 1 of the Ordered Chaos Club: Introduce the basic membership tier, including resources, chat rooms, monthly mindset meetings, and a free mini-course on growing as a Christ-centered creative.

What are your goals? What Kingdom hills are you taking on with Jesus?

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Are You Worshipping Creativity Over Christ?

Are You Worshipping Creativity Over Christ?

We creatives love the chaos a little, don’t we? There’s a rush that comes from juggling a whirlwind of ideas and possibilities. But if I’m being brutally honest, my creative chaos often stems from a place of fear – not bold creativity.

I’ve written before about the fear of imperfection – of putting a plan into action only to watch it get muddied by reality. However, there’s an even more insidious fear gnawing at my creative process: perfectionism.

Christ-centered creativity This crippling perfectionism keeps me in a constant cycle of adjusting, reworking, and suffocating my creative plans. I can’t seem to move forward unless I’ve constructed the “perfect” plan that I have 100% confidence in. But that’s the trap – a perfect, flawless creative plan is a mirage.

As a Christian creative, I have to re-anchor my process in Christ before anything else. We creatives love being inspired and remixing ideas, but we are built on nothing less than the blood of Jesus. When we reverse that order, we start molding Christ to fit our creative ideals instead of allowing Him to shape our creativity.

The truth? I don’t think my planning obsession flows from a Christ-centered creativity most times. More often, I start with what inspires me personally and then try to retroactively move it toward Christ. A backwards approach that breeds self-reliance, not God-reliance.

The Christ-centered creative must start purely with Jesus as the wellspring. From that position, He can direct our creativity in surprising, life-giving ways – messy ways that have nothing to do with human perfectionism.

Are you unknowingly worshipping at the altar of your own creativity rather than the Creator? It’s time to surrender the burden of perfectionism and run full-tilt into the beautifully unpredictable adventure of a creativity rooted in Christ.

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