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Are You Bold Enough to Risk It?

Are You Bold Enough to Risk It?

Driving home from celebrating birthdays with my mom, I was tempted to not stop for gas, despite the fact that we were on E. If I were driving solo, I probably would have tried to make it all the way nearer to home where it’s a lot cheaper.
And I mentioned that thought to my wife, Lariza. She said, “But babe, why risk it?”
And that’s an important question in a lot of different ways, but not specifically related to running out of gas.

The answer for me is often…”Because it’s worth it.”

So that is the work of the Christ-centered Christian. To discern with the Spirit of God whether or not the risks being proposed, the bold ideas being considered are worth it.
I often like to ask myself, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” When I play out the worst-case scenario all the way through and find that at the end of the day, I’m still the same child of God I was to start, it makes me all the more confident to step boldly into some risky business.

The Innovative Mind
Last week my wife and I discussed getting gift cards for a friend and looked at the value of gift cards. They really are a brilliant idea for businesses as well as for consumers. We decided to ask ChatGPT who created gift certificates. We discovered that the concept of gift certificates was reportedly initiated by none other than Blockbuster Video.
That got me thinking on how innovative Blockbuster was in the end of the 20th century. And then somewhere along the line, the innovation stopped. It’s like the same bold risk-taking mindset when there’s not much on the line, runs and hides once the stakes are raised. The play-it-safe mentality takes over, looking to maintain versus pioneer.

While we need maintainers and implementers, but it is the pioneers that build tomorrow.

The Bold Question
So is there something that you are contemplating right now? Is there a bold move you’re considering going all in on? Is there some creation that it might be easier to play the safe route and do it just like everybody else?
I want to encourage you to ask and answer the question, “Why risk it?”

Christ-centered creatives, let us continue to be risk-taking, dreaming pioneers that boldly build a world that is a blessing to the kingdom.
Keep creating for God’s glory. Be blessed and be a blessing.

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