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Are You Putting Your God-Given Creative Ideas Into Action?

Are You Putting Your God-Given Creative Ideas Into Action?

Yesterday, on a walk around the block after a long day, I was mentally preparing for another creative session on my documentary passion project. I began to reminisce about my early days volunteering in children’s ministry.

Back then, I would often miss the Sunday sermon because I was serving during that time. My only way to catch the message was through the church’s podcast. However, the podcast upload was frequently delayed, leaving me behind and disconnected from the week’s teaching.

Frustrated, I approached the pastor one day and asked, “What’s the deal with the podcast? I serve in the kids’ ministry, and it’s often not uploaded on time. I’m missing out.” His response was brilliant and has stuck with me ever since.

With a thoughtful nod, he replied, “Huh, well, I mean, would you want to help with that? Is that something you think you could help make happen?”

In that moment, the pastor didn’t make excuses or promises. Instead, he recognized the creative mindset God had blessed me with and empowered me to be part of the solution. Honestly, it probably had more to do with his wisdom in understanding that a complaint is simply someone recognizing a problem, which puts them at the front of the line to be a part of a solution.

You see, far too often, we voice our ideas and concerns to authority figures, hoping they’ll implement the changes we desire. But the truth is, when God burdens your heart with an idea or a creative vision, He’s likely also commanding your hands to bring it to life.

As Christian creatives, we’re called not just to conceive ideas but to nurture them, shape them, and ultimately birth them into reality through hard work and perseverance. Our creative minds are gifts from God, meant to be exercised and put into action for His glory.

So, if you find yourself frustrated by a lack of creative opportunities or missing elements in your church, community, or sphere of influence, don’t just voice your concerns – roll up your sleeves and get to work. Volunteer your time and talents, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and take the initiative to turn your God-given ideas into tangible solutions.

Remember, when God plants a creative seed in your heart, He’s not often expecting someone else to water and cultivate it until it’s a tree of life offering shade to the world. He’s often calling you, His creative child, to nurture that seed with your own hands, watch it grow, and bear fruit that will bless and inspire others.

As I continue editing my documentary, a project born from a burden on my heart, I’m reminded of the power we possess as Christian creatives. We’re not just dreamers; we’re doers, empowered by the Creator Himself to shape the world around us through our unique gifts and visions.

So, what God-given idea is stirring in your soul? Don’t wait for someone else to bring it to life. Embrace the reality that if God put the burden on your heart, he likely has placed the command on your hands. So get to work, and watch as your obedience and creativity collide to birth something beautiful for the Kingdom.

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