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When Will We Win the Race for More?

When Will We Win the Race for More?

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

I remember it was around this time of year in 2018 when I began to feel God pulling me toward something different.

The something different was not more. In fact, it was something less. At that point in my life, I had what I considered the dream job, working full-time at a church that I loved, doing compelling ministry in ways that brought out so many wonderful qualities and gifts. However, there was something else that I had not addressed. Personally and even culturally, there was a machine that was constantly grinding and driving us for more.

At first, I thought it was just the church. And then, years later, I would discover it was me as well. This discontentment, this chasing for the next mountain, the next level of impact and success, would be something that I am still wrestling with to this day.

Tonight, in our micro-church gathering called Beats, Bars, and Bible, we looked at Ecclesiastes chapter 2. And I was reminded yet again that the quest, the fruitless quest for more, is part of the broken human condition that began with the original sin.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had so many of the blessings that God had intended. He created a paradise for them. And yet, they were introduced to discontent, and they began to strive for more. Just one fruit more was the catalyst for this downward spiral that the human race has battled with ever since.

As creatives, I wonder the impact that this quest, this chase for more, can have. We must be careful that even the next creative idea doesn’t simply become another example of us simply chasing more.

So it sounds like things are hopeless. It sounds like this is just who we are. Except Solomon also lets us know the answer as well as the problem. It is chasing God that is the only fulfilling pursuit. In our chasing of God, He will again and again fill us up, strengthen us, hold us close, and walk us to the next thing that He wants us to accomplish.

But if we simply go chasing accomplishment, chasing impact, chasing pursuit after pursuit in this machine of more and more and more, we end up grinding up the spirit on the altar of our flesh. So, in the same way that God challenged me tonight and that God has challenged me over the past few years, let us now stop and reflect on our current pursuits.

Wherein are our pursuits not with God? If God is not accompanying you on this pursuit, it is one that He would be calling you to abandon. First and foremost, let us pursue the Father by way of the Son through the power of the Holy Spirit, and then let Him accompany us in whatever journey He would have us take, using our creative endeavors to bring Him glory.

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