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Is Your Creativity a Wildfire or a Controlled Burn?

Is Your Creativity a Wildfire or a Controlled Burn?

I wonder what the practical value is in a Christian who lacks discernment. And at the same time, I wonder the practical value of a creative who lacks vision. Those may seem completely unrelated, but as we continue to move forward as members of both groups, there is a tie that binds them together. It is the Spirit of God. A creative needs vision. A Christian needs discernment. Christian creatives need vision from the Spirit of God.

“Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint,
but blessed is he who keeps the law.” Proverbs 29:18 ESV

As we go and create, I can’t help but see this image of fire. The Spirit of God is often represented as fire in Scripture. A Christian who lacks discernment, a creative who lacks vision, both seem like a wildfire in the worst way. The destruction that can unintentionally result is terrifying. Wildfires are a real issue in many parts of our country and throughout the world. They can be uncontrolled, unplanned and spread rapidly, leaving destruction in their wake. As a chaotic creative, in the creative process, a wildfire could be unbridled creativity with no direction, no restraint, and can result in a chaotic output that doesn’t have any focus or purpose. Like a wildfire can devastate forests and communities, unchecked creativity can lead to wasted resources, missed opportunities, or even creating something harmful to oneself or others. Without discernment in life, creative endeavors may lack the clarity and wisdom needed to ensure they result in positive impact. The results could often not be in alignment with the creative’s values or goals.

But on the other hand, I believe the Christian with discernment, the creative that has vision from God is still tapping into that very same fire. But instead, it’s a controlled burn. I always thought that was interesting because growing up, I was someone who I will admit was a bit of a pyromaniac. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to the concept of the Spirit of God being a fire. But I always was fascinated by the fact that there were things called controlled burns. A controlled burn is intentional, deliberate, carefully planned, and a fire set under controlled conditions to achieve specific results like reducing wildfire risks, restoring ecosystems, and promoting new growth. In the same way, intentional creativity has purposeful direction and channels creative energy toward a specific vision or goal. Just like controlled burns rejuvenate forests, clearing out underbrush and promoting new growth, controlled creativity allows for the cultivation of ideas, the refinement of skills, and the realization of meaningful projects.

Through discernment, a Christian creative can identify ideas, projects, and collaborations that align with their calling and values. Creative vision provides the guiding light illuminating the path forward and inspiring innovation within the boundaries of faith and purpose. In essence, while both wildfires and controlled burns involve fire, the key difference lies in the intention and direction behind them. Similarly, in the realm of Christian creativity, discernment and creative vision serve as vital tools for channeling creative energy toward God-honoring endeavors that bear fruit and bring glory to him.

So let us not ignore the flames. Let us not run from the fire, but instead, let us seek God for discernment and creative vision as we look to Him to bring order to the chaos.

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