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How Do I Know If I’m Settling for Less Than I’m Capable Of?

How Do I Know If I’m Settling for Less Than I’m Capable Of?

Standing on a heap of grass jutting out like the tip of Florida in the middle of the little lake at Independence Grove, I witnessed an exercise in bravery and inspirational independence. I marveled at a loud, cackling group of red-winged blackbirds feverishly moving in unison from tree to tree. I wasn’t sure if they were playing, fighting, or perhaps just having a lively debate.

But whatever they were doing, they were loud and united. My first thought was in celebration of the unity of that moment, then the next moment struck me as I saw one bird flying outside of that group. It quickly soared past me, a streak of black across the morning blue sky, and continued soaring higher and higher. It was powerful as I looked up to see a plane a few thousand feet higher, soaring in a similar path. I couldn’t help but think this bird may have believed something different about who he was. While there is beauty in being part of the crowd, and strength in the important unity of being together, there is also something inspirational about seeing and believing something greater about who you can be.

I had the thought for a moment that maybe… Just maybe, this bird thought he could fly higher and wanted to test the limits of his wings. The Icarus analogy isn’t lost on me in this, but it is birds like that, leaders like that, who build the bold and brave futures that the cackling crowd gets to enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with being in the crowd. In fact, there’s a sense in which this club is a similar crowd.

But what if you were built to fly higher?

Don’t be afraid to soar differently.

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