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Is Pre-Production the Secret to a Successful Podcast?

Is Pre-Production the Secret to a Successful Podcast?

Discover the power of pre-production in creating a compelling and engaging podcast. Learn why planning ahead is crucial for delivering value to your audience.

Let’s continue our conversation from the past couple of blog posts regarding preparing for your podcast. So after you’ve defined your purpose, the “why” for doing your podcast, and the target audience, the next important step in creating a successful podcast is planning and pre-production.

Now, this phase really involves carefully mapping out each one of your episodes and your content strategy, so that you have everything in place before you hit the record button.

So why is it important to plan ahead? Because you then avoid winging it.

Providing Value

I gotta imagine that in creating your podcast, you are desiring to provide value to your listeners. Well, at least you should be. And if that’s true, the best way to do that is to prepare going into it.

I was listening to someone on social media today talk about why they appreciate audiobooks more than they do podcasts. And I think it’s because so many podcasts have people simply winging it. And he’d prefer people’s best thoughts to their first thoughts.

So, put your best thoughts into each and every episode by planning ahead.

Episode Planning

Have a roadmap for where you’re going with the first few episodes. Plan out the direction. Don’t just create one episode and go one at a time. Maybe that’s where you might head later on. But to start, have an idea of where you want to go for the next few episodes.

Now, what about each episode’s outline? Create an outline. It’s probably not best to fully script every episode. But have an outline that has main points and topics to cover. Maybe it has some questions that you want to use with your potential guest for the episode. Or if it’s Bible-based, you might have scripture references or different quotes that you might use. And it keeps you focused and organized during your recording.

Season Planning

Now let’s pan out a little bit. What about planning out the season? First of all, is your podcast going to be one that is seasonal? That’s often a great recommendation to give people breaks after long stretches of episodes.

Structure the content in each season, maybe into a theme. It allows for these spaces for people to take a breath, to take a pause. It allows you to reevaluate what it is that you’re doing so that way the next season is better than the season before. And it also builds anticipation for that next season. Just like your favorite shows do.

Benefits of Pre-Production

  • Helps your recording process to be really smooth
  • Ensures consistent and coherent messaging
  • Keeps listeners engaged
  • Provides a solid foundation for success

For anything in life, even as a creative, preparation is key. Don’t underestimate the value of planning ahead.

Pre-production sets you up for a great podcast, and that attention to detail will truly pay off. Tomorrow, we’re going to continue our conversation on podcasting as we get into some production tips. Until then, keep creating for God’s glory. Be blessed and be a blessing.

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