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Can We Embrace the Unfinished as Masterpieces?

Can We Embrace the Unfinished as Masterpieces?

Last night, in a discussion with my Beats, Bars and Bible community, I shared my struggle with finishing Beats.

One of my passions is hip-hop production, but I really love creating the first draft of a beat, finding the initial sound, finding ways to make them harmonize together, creating thumping or soul-grabbing drums. However, when it comes time to create a full song, when it comes time to mix and master, tweak and finalize, I stumble.

Or better yet, I choose to simply start over on the next song because I hate final drafts. If I can embrace the fact that a song is a first draft, for me that comes along with an expectation. There’s an expectation that it is rough around the edges, that it is filled with small little errors, mistakes and imperfections. That expectation allows me to just freely play with this draft. It also comes along with that same expectation for others who engage with the content. It shouldn’t be taken that seriously. That there’s still more to be done before they should even consider engaging with it.

The body of work that an artist puts out should not be a collection of rough drafts. Right?

When something goes to a final draft, that’s when my own self-judgment kicks in, and the old nasty critic gets loud, and those who engage with my art now also believe they’re engaging with the final product, and their expectations of finality kick in as well.

But I wonder if both realities can be true at the same time. That I can continue to work on, perfect, clean up something, but never actually call it the final draft. Have the understanding that all of my work, as I am God’s work, is an incomplete work, an unfinished work, a working draft, if you will. Knowing that it is something that can function, that can operate, that can go out into the world as something to be used and even evaluated with the understanding that it will never be done.

Is that a false reality I’m creating? Am I just simply creating a workaround so that I don’t have to stamp something as complete, as finished, as beautiful? It’s way more comfortable to create good work. To create something that you simply can say this is good. That’s much more comfortable than working, pouring yourself completely into something, bringing it to a place where you believe this is great.

That’s a dangerous place. And I’m not quite sure I’m resolved on how to think about it. So I’ll leave it to you. Even better still I’ll leave it to God, the author and perfector of my faith. THE FINISHER. Let’s let God redeem our broken mindsets and finish our imperfect creations.

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