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Is Overthinking and Over-Planning Sabotaging My Creativity?

May 15, 2024 | Creativity, Faith, Mindset

Yesterday I heard something that shook me to my core. It was a conversation about overthinking – something I tend to do constantly. They discussed how overthinking is really just an expression of our fears, rather than the productive “planning for every situation” I’ve always rationalized it as. As I reflect, I see scenarios in my life where I’ve spent months meticulously planning, only for those initiatives to never actually launch.

The truth is, if I’m still just planning a few months in, without taking any concrete first steps, it becomes exponentially less likely that I’ll ever begin. I used to think I was simply refining the plan, adjusting for timing. But something someone said this week rings truer: Staying stuck in the preparation process is a safe hiding place. It’s where your vision can remain flawless and untarnished because it exists solely in your mind’s eye, or a written out plan at best.

Deep down, you know eventually, that plan needs to face the real world’s chaos. And in that treacherous moment, it has an increasing likelihood of failing to match your perfect imagination. Hearing this idea vocalized hit me like a ton of bricks. It was as if someone had cracked open my personal diary, reading back my unspoken insecurities in stark new language.

In that moment, the cape fell off. I could no longer pretend to be a super-creative, but rather a mere Clark Kent – afraid to truly fly, despite the vast array of intricate flight plans. The same fertile creative mind that births my ideas paradoxically becomes their deathbed too. Just as Superman’s home planet Krypton gifted his powers yet created kryptonite his greatest weakness, my imagination is both a blessing and a danger zone for my creativity.

We creatives must realize – we were made for risk, not hiding away in planning’s “safe place.” In the same way, children must eventually leave home to experience life’s beauty, our ideas must escape our heads to impact the world they were destined to shape. So let’s step into the danger. It’s time to create.


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