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Are You Resting to Create?

May 27, 2024 | Creativity, Faith, Leadership, Mindset

Resting is not an option; it is a necessity.

However, when we step back and take a glance at all the terrain we need to cross or all the mountains we need to climb, we can feel like rest is just something that we can’t afford to take advantage of. But the truth is that is a lie that will end up robbing us of so much that God is looking to build in and through our lives. But that’s the secret: while we are creatives, we must remember that we are creatives in Christ, and that GOD IS THE CHIEF CREATIVE who is looking for the right canvas to paint His latest miracles. He’s looking for the right vessel to manifest His next works of art.

The rested ones are the trusted ones. Not because we are stronger because we rested, which we are. Not because we think more clearly because we rested, which we do. Instead, it is simply because we are the surrendered and submitted ones who trusted God enough to lay down the work of our hands as He promised to finish building. We are simply like the little boy in John 6 who was with his family as Jesus preached. He had less than a full meal for his family, but when called upon, gave that meal up, trusting God had something greater.

Here’s the thing… the people gathered, while growing in hunger, were not at all aware that a miracle was happening. They just knew that this mountainside conference suddenly was catered. But the little boy knew. He knew that he was asked to give up his meal to the conference leadership, and then suddenly, not only was he getting it back, but everyone would be fed, and there would be leftovers.

As we decide to lay down the work of our hands, even if for only one day a week, we are leaning into God’s ways of multiplying and creating. If we aren’t okay with God’s math in our creative work, then we aren’t yet Christ-centered as a creative, which is the hope and aim of my efforts now. God has confirmed for me my calling to create for His glory and to lead others to do the same. Creating for His glory also means resting for His glory.

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