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Will A.I. Destroy or Enhance my Creativity?

May 14, 2024 | Creativity, Leadership, Mindset

Meet My A.I. Staff:

Since Easter of last year, I have been fascinated by what AI and the engine of ChatGPT can produce. I remember testing it out on Easter 2023 just to see what it could do in writing a sermon. And I was blown away, to say the least.

Recently, as I have been increasing my content creation across multiple channels, I have turned to ChatGPT and Claude AI to help me speed up the creation process. Generally speaking, I ask them to help with spell checks and grammatical mistakes. Every once in a while, I will feed them scripts or website copy to rewrite with any recommended improvements. Well, today I felt like I needed to introduce you all to this staff that helps me produce some of this blog’s engaging and inspiring work in the hopes that you can determine to what level you could engage with similar tools or not for your own creative endeavors.

Case study:

Planning out this blog, from the title— which was almost called “The Creative Renaissance”—to ideas for the first podcast episode, which will focus on reasons why we fail to launch new initiatives, I have a wonderfully collaborative approach to working with both ChatGPT and Claude. Starting with an idea that inspires me, I then I’ll go to ChatGPT to test out the viability of that idea. I will ask for feedback, inquire about places where that idea could be improved, and reasons why it may not be the best. I have found that ChatGPT is not very creative but can definitely be informative.

Now, when I look for more creative approaches to the information that I have collaborated with ChatGPT on, then I will turn to Claude, the more creative of the pair. I will ask Claude to take this idea or content to the next level. We’ve worked together on writing copy for flyers, the bio for this blog, and even a cover letter for a job I was considering applying for. Claude’s ability to synthesize information and develop creative results continues to inspire me.


Why am I sharing this today? Well… As I sat with my cup of coffee, staring at the morning sky, after sharing some devotional content on my Pastor Fury channels, I reflected on the heart behind the content I share… And there was a renewal. I desire to ensure that my content continues to be filtered through my heart and soul before I let any machine touch it.

In this world of automation and artificial effectiveness, I hope we don’t lose sight of what is at the core of communication. Communication is not just information sharing, but it is connecting one to another. The heart, the soul behind each and every ounce of communication is where the true impact lies. I was reminded today that part of leading my creativity is ensuring that I don’t lose it to the machine. And now, time to let ChatGPT spell-check this post. Lol!

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